Why dance and theatre?

Participation in arts programs has many benefits for children. When participating in dance and theatre programs, children:

  • build pride in their accomplishments and skills
  • learn to celebrate their peers
  • foster a sense of self-confidence
  • build time management, responsibility, organization and teamwork skills 
  • learn healthy living strategies and build active habits
  • begin building public speaking and performance skills

At Shining Stars Performing Arts, we build our programs around these principles. Each program is set up to have children set goals, build skills, and celebrate their accomplishments and the accomplishments of their classmates. 

The Arts and Autism

Acting, singing, dancing and participation and exposure to arts based programs have been known to benefit children with autism. At Shining Stars, we strive for the inclusion of all children adapt our programming to help children with autism find joy and success in our programs. Check out this article for more information about why the arts can help a child with autism!