All of our dance programs are recreational and run in 9 week sessions. Already taken a class with us, or elsewhere? Don't worry--each session follows a new theme, and enhances what each child already knows. Throughout the term we build up to performance week. Your child will have a show at the end of their session to showcase their learned skills for friends and family! Each chid will have a costume to wear for the show (that is returned) and earn a special certificate.

See our Schedule page to find out when the class you want is available!


Tiny Twirlers (Ages 3-4)


In this program, students will focus on the beginnings of ballet and jazz technique. They will learn foundational stances, positions and moves, mixed with creative movement games! Each session focuses on a new theme, and you will be invited to watch a performance at the end of the session showing off the many skills the kids have learned!

Dazzling Dancers (Ages 5-8)

This program will continue to build upon basic ballet and jazz foundations, as well as step sequencing, musicality and performance skills. Music and movement games are mixed into each class. If your child hasn't taken a class before--don't worry! We tailor the moves and skills to suit level and ability of each dancer. Each session focuses on a new theme, and you will be invited to watch a performance at the end of the session.

Masterful Movers (Ages 9-12)


Dancers will build upon their ballet and jazz skills with more advanced technique, as well as work on choreography, strength, musicality and performance. Each dancer will build skills based on their experience and ability and end the session with a show including a ballet dance, jazz dance and a number choreographed by the students!


Hip Hop

Hip Hop for Tots(Ages 3-4)

Monday 10:00 am-10:45 pm, Saturday 11:00 am-11:45 am

Watch your child have fun with music while learning basic hip hop movements. We work on body awareness and control, balance and musicality, while learning the steps and playing games! You will have a chance to watch your little mover show off their hip hop skills to you in a show at the end of the session. 

Hip Hop for Kids (Ages 5-7)  

In funky feet, we find the beat and learn hip hop moves and combinations. Each child will get a chance to work on body control, balance, isolations, musicality and performance skills based on their skill level. Each class will feature warm ups, games, and cool downs, ending in a performance where the hip hoppers can show off their moves!

Hip Hip Groove (Ages 8-12)

In hip hop groove, we develop hip hop moves and choreography, while building musicality and performance skills. We will stretch, strengthen and warm up each class, and focus on making connections to the music, finding the beat and practicing longer hip hop combinations leading up to a stellar performance for family and friends.