Our daytime Preschool kids during their dress rehearsal for their end of term show "The Little Red Hen"


Get ready for Kindergarten!

In our preschool program, we take children aged 18mo-4 years old. We limit spaces to 5 children/day to promote learning and to fit our studio size. Our curriculum was designed by Ontario Teachers to help get students ready for Kindergarten, while focusing on music, dancing, theatre and visual arts. We also have a full literacy, numeracy, science and social studies curriculum that we rotate through according to children's ages. 

A Typical day includes literacy/numeracy/science, an arts program, outdoor gross motor skills development time, 1-1 time to work on basic fine motor skills, an afternoon nap and two snack times and a lunch time. Children must come with their own snacks and lunches packed and ready to be eaten. 

This program runs Tuesdays, Wednesday and Thursday from 8:30am-3:00pm (no time later than 3 is available.)

Monthly payment is required. 

Fill out our REGISTRATION FORM (find the Preschool program option in the store--no payment will be required or taken from your account, just order the days that you would like!)