When are you opening?

We are officially going to be open for September 2016! More information about our Grand Opening coming soon!

What does my child need to bring to class?

You child will need a water bottle, and either bare feet or ballet/jazz/running shoes. Dancing or participation in theatre programming will not be permitted in sock feet for safety purposes. Dance leotards or uniforms are not required, but your child must come in clothes that they can easily move in!

What if my child has never taken a dance or theatre class before?

Not a problem! We begin each session with a quick assessment of skills and knowledge so that we can tailor our teaching to build upon what each child already knows. We can start at the beginning and advance them through movements and steps at their own pace.

What if my child has already taken class in his/her age range?

We change the theme of the performance each session, so there will be new choreography, skills and costumes each time you register! Your child's teacher will adjust the level of skill based on your child's need and challenge them with new movements/skills each session.

Can I stay and watch my child's class?

We do not allow parent viewing or participation in any of our classes. This ensures that every child is comfortable dancing/performing while we work toward our final performance! We have waiting room space available and you are welcome to stay on site while your child is in the studio but many prefer to hangout at the Starbucks just a couple of doors down! 

Where are the performances?

The final performances for most programs take place on week 9 of your child's regular class time and are run in our very own studio or offsite at a local venue. Our year long programs run their shows in a theatre announced closer to their show dates! More information will be given to you in your newsletter and updates reminding you of dates, times and locations will be ongoing throughout the session.

Do I need to pay extra fees for costumes?

No! Our costume rental fees are built in, and every child will have a costume to perform in that must be returned to your child's teacher at the end of the performance.

When can I pick up forms/drop off payment?

You can drop payment/forms off anytime in our drop box, or during studio hours and pick up forms from the folders on the front door. Please feel free to call or email us to confirm hours/if someone will be there to accept your information. If you choose to leave something in the box, you will receive confirmation that we have received the payment/paperwork!