Welcome to Shining Stars Performing Arts!

At Shining Stars, we believe that children deserve a safe and fun environment to grow creatively, without the pressure of competition. Our recreational dance and theatre programs are built for children of all ages and abilities, and tailored to fit the needs of our students. Our passion for children, teaching, dance and theatre is evident in each of our classes.

The skills that children develop in dance and theatre programs reach far beyond just the stage. Their gross motor skills, balance and core strength improve, while they gain self-confidence, time management, commitment, and teamwork skills along the way. Participating in the performing arts helps build healthy living skills at a young age, while encouraging children to learn how to support each other in their successes and have pride in their own abilities.

Our classes are term-based, with a set curriculum for dancing, acting and singing skills. There are performances at the end of each term, where families can watch their children showcase what they have learned throughout the term. 

We believe every child deserves a chance to shine!